Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Rough Week

Sometimes it seems like life throws you curve balls, and this has been one of those weeks. It started when I foolishly (again) left my purse in my car during Luke's tennis match down at Barnes Tennis Center. I returned to a bashed in car and a stolen purse, along with many of my other personal belongings. It's hard already, but without an income, losing all that stuff was even harder.

Then our beautiful horse Alexander became sore after a too tough dressage training session, I think. Hopefully that's all it is, but the poor guy is just not right. We were planning our first show on him this weekend, but that's been scratched. :( I am disappointed.

But, the light on my horizon was the thought that I might have found a new, young hunter prospect who looked absolutely perfect. Sold today, of course, and I was to see him Monday.

The last straw was my pulmonary function testing. It put me over the edge today. Cranky all day anyway, and then my numbers are down into the 50th percentiles for the first time. Don't understand, can't explain... don't have any answers but I do have another full week of doctor's appointments next week. Wish I could just walk away from it all sometimes.

Not my week.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Follow Your Passion

I had a lovely "coffee" with a friend today, and she got me thinking about how stem cell therapy for autoimmune diseases began. I came home and found this video on YouTube of Dr. Burt, the man who did my stem cell transplant, discussing how he began his work.

Hope you enjoy it. :) There is a part 2 and a part 3, as well, which you can also find on YouTube.